Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Monmouth County!

On a Sunday morning, you will find a busy meetinghouse, an enriching place to be for all ages. We have discovered anew that loving community is a lifeline in times of upheaval and uncertainty. We gather at 10:30am Sunday mornings for an hour service, which we also livestream via YouTube, and community time following the service. Click here to visit our YouTube page and library of services.

For Unitarian Universalists, worship is a celebration and reflection on matters of worth. In leading worship, we hope to transform hearts and minds with love. Worship service is a place for us to let go, to be held, and to be challenged. Participants are asked to bring an open mind and open heart to it. With music, singing, honest words, prayer, and meditation, we come to a place of deeper understanding of our humanity and we invite in the holy.

UUCMC welcomes individuals and families into a journey of discovery and deep reflection on the meaning of our lives. This includes faith development programs for all ages. Visit our Family Ministry page for information about programs for youth and children. We encourage you to explore all the ways that you can Grow, Participate and Serve!

Unitarian Universalism is a non-creedal religion that encourages each person to articulate their own faith and to listen deeply to what calls them to life. We ask only that you believe what you have to believe based upon your own experience, that you respect the authenticity of others beliefs, and that we can indeed come together in love. As early Unitarian Francis David (1510-1579) said “We need not think alike to love alike.” Unitarian Universalism is a liberating faith founded over 400 years ago in the radical reformation. We have grown out of Christianity to embrace a much broader set of religious wisdom sources that include our Jewish and Christian roots, the world’s religions and our own experience of transcendent mystery and wonder.

Please do come and find out if you are a Unitarian Universalist too!

Yours in faith,

Rev. Craig

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