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Family Ministry

Unitarian Universalism affirms all families, of origin and of choice. Parents and caregivers find support to embrace their role as children’s primary religious educators—to open authentic conversations with children about difficult topics—to grow in faith together through religious practices, truth-seeking, justice work, service projects, and more.

When the congregation and families work in partnership, possibilities abound. UU family faith development is a journey of relationships. Family members connect and reconnect with one another, the faith community, and the universe itself to discover and rediscover a seeking, active faith.

In addition to our Sunday Small Group for children and youth, we offer families opportunities to explore the congregation’s monthly themes together.  Our resources and events are designed to help families connect with Unitarian Universalism at home and in the world.

Supporting Families as They Explore the Sacred in Everyday Spaces

Families receive content organized around eight distinct family “spaces” with ideas and resources to fill those spaces with UU theme-based exploration. It’s about creating memorable and amazing moments through a design that is manageable, faithful, and fun!

The best way to engage with Soul Home is to join the UUCMC Learning Community on Mighty Network if you are not already a member. Members can then request to join the “Soulful Home Circle.” Please contact Michelle McKenzie-Creech, Director of Family Ministry to get set up in you are not already on our email list.

This month we will explore ways in which our faith and our times call us to “Embrace Possibilities!”

Here’s a preview of what you will receive each month:

At the Table:  At the Table questions explore the monthly theme through a discussion for all ages. They are designed for a family gathering – maybe during a Friday night meal, a quiet moment in the living room or before a board game night.

Around the Neighborhood: Treasure Hunt for Embracing Possibility

From the Mailbox: Our literal mailboxes connect us to the wide world outside, sometimes with messages asking things from us (a donation letter or flyer encouraging us to vote), sometimes with messages offering us gifts (a letter from a friend or a special delivery).

At Play: Activities and questions are a way to joyfully, playfully, and imaginatively experience the theme.

On the Message Board: This section lifts up a theme-related mantra, graphic, quote, or gesture for your family to carry with them throughout the month. Think of these “family sayings” or “family signs” as tools for the journey, reminders that help us refocus and steady ourselves and our kids as we navigate through life’s challenges and opportunities.

At the Bedside: activities that engage the theme through storytelling. This takes place during the dreamy, almost otherworldly hour or so before children or youth drift off to sleep. Through stories and the questions and realizations that they prompt, we come to understand the nature of and our own place in the cosmos.

On the Porch: supports sharing realizations and hopes around the theme with other supportive adults.

The Extra Mile: The Extra Mile section is for families who want to continue exploring the theme of the month through larger adventures, more complex projects or simply through additional modalities not otherwise included in the packets.


Every person needs a circle, every kid needs a tribe.

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