Seeds of Love: Make Our Garden Grow

Just as a garden needs water and sunlight, our congregation requires that all of us be its “gardeners,” planting Seeds of Love, tending to change, growing hope, cultivating justice, spreading joy, and harvesting beloved community.

Four ways to plant your seeds:

  • Bring your pledge form to the meetinghouse, and drop it off in the mailbox in the lobby or in the safe in the office.
  • Send in your pledge form to Maggi by mail or email (
  • Pledge right here! (click through on the buttons)

All Gardens need Time, Talent, and Treasure

Time and Talent

It takes all of us to cultivate the UUCMC we value. We offer the loving seeds of our time and our skills: keeping our campus fertile and thriving, teaming on committees, letting the sun of knowledge fall upon people of all ages, planting worship services, digging deeper into community life, and sprouting justice initiatives for our world. We all need be at work in our garden.


This is our garden, so making it grow means mulching it with our financial responsibility. We vow to tend responsibly to our staff and our physical plant and to grow a vibrant UUCMC future together.

We can all contribute responsibly and with impact to the maintenance and growth of our garden, no matter our income, by committing to percentage giving. What percentage can you give of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) to tend these seeds?

Rain: Up to 1% of AGI or up to $1,999
Butterflies: 1-2% or around the average member pledge of $2,000-$2,999
Bees: 3-4% or an above average pledge in the $3,000-$5,999 range
Birds: 5-6% or a major gift of $6,000-$9,999
Sun: >7% or a brilliant gift of $10,000 & beyond

Make Our Garden Grow through your continuing financial care. Without sunlight, a garden cannot grow. Without water, a garden wilts. Our financial pledges are not only what maintain UUCMC’s landscape, but they allow us to flower and prosper.

All things grow with Love.

Complete the 2024-2025 pledge form HERE, or you can email Maggi in the office.

Our Annual Giving Campaign is our opportunity to remain faithful to our roles as UUCMC’s master gardeners. May we live into gratitude for the cultivation we provide for a vital congregation. The sooner we receive your nourishing pledge, the sooner Seeds of Love can be planted in the ground of our beloved garden.

To pay your pledge online, please visit to set up one-time or recurring payments. You can also text (732) 538-8819 to give or simply send or drop off a check at the meetinghouse. Please note clearly which fiscal year pledge you are giving money for. Thank you!