Drawing the Circle Wide

For over 65 years, UUCMC has been a beacon of love, justice, and community-building in Monmouth County and beyond, transforming lives and transforming the world, sustaining us all. If these past two years of the pandemic have taught us anything it is this: the circles of our beloved community of communities are wider than ever. Our financial support of UUCMC allows us all to continue making a difference in the circles of our lives.

Draw the circle wide, draw it wider still. Let this be our song: no one is alone.
We’ll be side by side. Draw the circle, draw the circle wide.
          “Draw the Circle Wide”, music: Mark A. Miller; words: Gordon Light

Upping Your Pledge Commitments of Time, Talent, and Treasure

Time and Talent

UUCMC thrives only when all of us volunteer our time and share our skills. How might you increase your involvement in: planning Sunday services, faith development for children and adults, plant maintenance, meetinghouse decor, ushering, serving on committees, and participating in worship?


We are UUCMC. We own it. UUCMC can only be what we invest in it. Where are you on the pathway of support?

Potential: You believe in the vision and mission of UUCMC but have not yet given financially to support it. Everyone starts here: how many moves forward are you willing to make this year?

Emerging: You give to UUCMC, but not consistently. One-time gifts do matter, but we can only draw our circles wider with ongoing giving commitments.

Intentional: You consistently give a percentage of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) to put our values into action. The average UUCMC pledge is $2,210. Are you prepared to up your pledge?

Tithing: You give 10% of your AGI to UUCMC. Tithing is a spiritual practice that grows our hearts and puts our principles ahead of material concerns.

Extravagant: You give over and above a tithe of your AGI to UUCMC. UUCMC literally could not exist without you.

Complete the 2022-2023 pledge form HERE, or you can email Maggi in the office.

Let us live into gratitude for the support we give to a vital congregation. We are UUCMC. Our pledges allow us to Draw the Circle Wide, and Wider Still.