At UUCMC, there’s so much going on that you need to know about!  We want to make sure you find out about our services and Covenant Circles and meetings in time.

We have various ways of sharing our news with you:

Once you’ve signed up for our email list, Lisa will send you our Eblast every Thursday morning.  It lists upcoming events for the week, including many ways to get involved in your congregation.

Our newsletter has been folded into our weekly eblast (sign up HERE). A list of our Sunday services for the month has a link in the Newsletter box.  Committees give us updates on their good work, and the Board President and Treasurer tell us how things are going in the congregation.  Our Minister and Director of Family Ministry write about the monthly themes and about what they’ve been thinking about (and doing!).

The bulletin board in the foyer has important things happening in and around our congregation.  There are more boards down the hall that show us how we’re getting involved in the community and the world.

Each week, announcements are on the back of the order of service.  Take it home and put it on your fridge as a reminder!

We use Facebook and Twitter to keep you up to date.

Keep an eye on our calendar as well.  Things going on in the building are listed there.

UUCMC Special Announcement

Contract –> Call a Settled Minister
From our UUCMC President, Betsy Sunada:

“I am particularly grateful to be able to announce that at a Special Congregational Business Meeting on January 22, 2023, we had a unanimous congregational vote to call Reverend Dr. Craig Rubano to be our congregation’s 4th settled minister! This is a milestone event for UUCMC, and I appreciate everyone who took the time to attend the meeting in the Earth Room and on Zoom… plus those members who took the time in the last two weeks to cast their vote electronically.”

UUCMC has been chosen as a Runner Up in Interfaith Power & Light’s Cool Congregations Challenge in the Energy Saver category.

Thanks to Steve & Pat Miller, UUCMC won a $500 Energy Saver award for our exemplary work over 20 years to reduce our carbon footprint by 77% thru energy saving measures – upgrading lighting and ventilation, insulating and weatherizing, installing heat pumps, electric water heaters, new roof and solar. UUCMC prevents 55 tons of carbon emissions annually!