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If this is your first time with us, here are the answers to some Common Questions you might have.

Rev. Craig Rubano joined as co-minister in 2019 and became minister in 2021. Read his letter to you here.

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It continues to surprise me, as well as warm my heart, that we have such diversity of mindset, yet, such compatibility of spirit here at UUCMC. There are always intriguing and varied opinions on any given subject, but most always set on a backdrop of shared community, fellowship, and a sense of partaken passion!!
Jane Reskof
As someone who has worked on Sundays for many years and has had rare opportunities to engage in fellowship, I am always amazed at how welcomed I feel from the members of the congregation and their non-judgmental attitudes. For a non-regular member such as myself, it has always felt like the UUCMC will be there for me when I’m ready – which fills me with gratitude.
Corrie Campbell
What has really surprised me at UUCMC is the joy & confidence of the children as they come forward to participate. This is our first Unitarian Universalist experience but in years of attending other denominations I never recall seeing the positive energy and sense of comfort that the RE program here generates.
Pam Adams
Upon joining UUCMC almost two years ago I was struck by how well-informed members were about what’s happening in the country. But what most struck me was the deep, sincere, relentless level of caring I saw from everyone– caring for others, for community, for justice, and for the Earth. I think this has inspired me to strive to be more caring in my own actions.
Tony Giordano
What has surprised me most is the musical talent that the members have—piano, other instruments, drums, singing; and the friendly, unassuming responses and greetings from members;and finally, that it truly does seem to be an eclectic group that does not get into theistic conundrums or arguments. It’s a very welcoming place for me as a Humanist.
Calvin Chatlos