Rev. Virginia Jarocha Ernst

Should my last monthly column be serious or playful? After 30 years of writing these newsletter missives that some people claim no one reads, one would think I have said all that needs to be said when no one is listening. Yet, this unintentional diary of a life in service to UU ideals is some kind of record of me, in relationship to Unitarian Universalism and its people. And, it is a record of our time together here at UUCMC for these last twelve years. Years in which we have been both serious and playful together. This month we will wind up this chapter together with a fun and play filled party, and some serious, typically quiet words. And then, on July 1, another chapter will begin. Actually two new chapters, mine outside of UUCMC, and yours. My most important new job is to get out of the way so that your ministry with Rev. Craig can flourish, and then, to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.

My serious message to all you who are not-reading this today is that carrying out and living this faith is a really big responsibility. No one person, leader, minister, member or staff person can do it alone. We carry this life-saving love out most effectively when we do it together. We are most creative, most energized, most liberating when there are strong and meaningful partnerships at every level.

My more playful message today is to do just that. Remember to play. As serious as our world’s problems are, they will never be resolved by people who cannot relax and laugh together. Out of such playful times trust in one another can bloom. And with enough trust and play, the spark of the creative possibility of peace is kindled. Play, along with trust, might be that magic combination that beloved communities need to thrive.

And now, for the record that no one reads, I leave you this. Thank you to Rev. Craig for being The-Most-Awesome-Co-Minister-in-the-Universe. It has meant the world to me to share this journey with you. Thank you to Michelle, Maggi, Louise, Lisa and Monica, the best and brightest staff in the Universe. You had my back and made me look good all the way. You all deserve the deepest respect and trust of this great congregation. And, thank you to every member of UUCMC who has stepped up into leadership. Sharing this ministry with you has been my Universe. I will miss you and be sending you all kinds of positive and encouraging vibes long
into my retirement. Thank you to every member and friend of this congregation for your can-do spirit, your support for UUCMC, and your many lessons gifted to me in living generous and loving lives.

May each of you, and all of you together, know deep and abiding blessings for all the years to come. This is a fact. You are good and whole and beautiful and you are loved.

Be good to each other,

Rev. Virginia

PS. And thank you to my loyal not-readers!