Videos of Services

In March of 2020, when we could not meet in person for Sunday morning service, we began creating a weekly video to share with our community. The videos contain many of the elements of in-person services: a chalice lighting, readings, children’s story, music and hymns, meditation/prayer time and a sermon. Please enjoy these beautiful offerings at your leisure.

June 28, 2020

Sunday Morning Worship at UUA General Assembly

Beyond the Water’s Edge

These are uncertain and volatile times. These are times that call on us to work towards our collective liberation while also tending to our spiritual needs and caring for others. How do we ready ourselves for what is being asked of us? How do we keep moving even when we don’t feel ready?

Rev. Joan Javier-Duval will deliver the sermon at the 2020 General Assembly Sunday Morning Worship. She serves as Minister of the Unitarian Church of Montpelier, VT. She is the daughter of immigrants from the Philippines, mother of a kindergartener, and spouse of a proud Vermonter. Beauty, gratitude, and love are at the heart of her faithful striving for collective liberation and a thriving planet. Click here to enjoy the service.

Featuring: Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray (UUA President), Rev. Joan Javier-Duval, Rev. Mykal Slack, Benjie Messer (Music Director), and more, with the GA Virtual Choir (with UUCMC participants!)

June 21, 2020

Blessing of the Animals                             Rev. Craig Rubano

When it comes to animals, blessings and compassion are two-way streets. While we strive for an increased compassionate stance toward our fellow animal creatures in this world, animals themselves, in turn, often have much to teach us about compassion that is applicable to our interactions with our fellow human beings. On this first weekend of summer, we’ll have a ceremony of mutual blessing with our animal companions; we will also feature a Fathers’ Day video tribute. Click here to view the Service.

Music by Jan and Lynn Dash, and Rev. Craig.

June 14, 2020

Blossoming Community: A Service of Flower Communion
Revs. Craig Rubano and Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

As we bring our focus to the annual service of Flower Communion, we reflect on what we have learned these past months: community blossoms whether or not the meetinghouse is accessible to us—in fact, alternate ways of being together create new blooms of possibility. As always, love will guide us. Our YouTube service will include a video montage of blossoms—both floral and beloved community. Click here to view the Service.

Music by David and Sarah Fischell, Rev. Craig, Louise and Dan Chernosky, For UU Ukulele Orchestra (via recording).

June 7, 2020

Enough is Enough                                         Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

Hurt, exasperated, and angry at the injustice Black lives feel every single day in this country? Deeply troubled by leaders who make their own people the enemy? May we find both compassion and clarity as we meet this moment. May we be the change that is so desperately needed. Click here to view the Service.

Music by Louise Chernosky, Thomas Cannizzaro, and the UU Singers (via recording).

May 31, 2020

Becoming                                                          Michelle McKenzie-Creech, CDFM

What does it mean to “just be yourself?” Our true self is who we are when we let go of all the labels, stories, and judgements we have made about ourselves. If you don’t define yourself others will do it for you. Becoming isn’t a goal you reach; if you are lucky it’s a journey with no end. This week we celebrate all of the graduates from pre-school all the way up to college and beyond as you cross another pivotal threshold in your becoming! Click here to view the Service.

Music by Dan and Louise Chernosky.

May 24, 2020

Acts of Re-membering                                   Rev. Craig Rubano

This Memorial Day weekend, when we pay tribute to those whose lives were lost in service to our nation, let us also think about memory itself. In a time filled with much loss and much hope, being conscious of how memory shapes us can help us move richly into futures we create, together. Click here to view the Service.

Music by Elaine Held and Roosevelt Credit, and Rev. Craig, with Rich Held and Jane Ann Arkins.

May 17, 2020

You Can’t Get There from Here                         Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst & Linda Stehlik

You can’t get there from here really means we don’t know how to get there. Spring bird migration is in high gear and the birds offer a lesson in the faith that going forward matters. Any threshold, any movement, from here to there holds some mystery. We might think we know where we are going, but we can’t know for sure until we get there. And even then, we might be surprised at what we find there. Click here to view the Service.

Music by Rev. Craig Rubano, Dan and Louise Chernosky

May 10, 2020

Parenting in a Pandemic: A Multigenerational Service
Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst, Michelle McKenzie-Creech, and Louise Chernosky

Parenting in ordinary times is challenging.  In these days of quarantine and isolation parents with children at home are beyond challenged!  We will hear from some folks in the trenches about what they are learning now, and celebrate mothers, fathers and all families as they navigate so much uncertainty with good humor. We encourage you to watch this multigenerational service together as a family. Click here to view the Service.

Music by Dan and Louise Chernosky

May 3, 2020

Together With Music                                UUCMC Musicians, Louise Chernosky, & Rev. Craig Rubano

At UUCMC, our musical collaborations serve as a way to build community, inspire our commitment to social action, and deepen our spiritual journeys. This week, we continue our congregational tradition of a spring music service, but in a new form with contributions from our musicians at home.  Click here to view the Service.

April 26, 2020

The Poetry of Liberation                                 Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst & Friends

What does liberation mean to the poets among us?  Find out in this service woven with the voices of our people. Happy National Poetry Month! Click here to view the Service.

Music: Louise Chernosky

April 19, 2020

Earth, Teach Us                                                 Rev. Craig Rubano & Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

This 50th Anniversary Earth Day is a lesson in patience, in limitation, and in resilience. Will we be good and faithful students this time? Click here to view the Service.

Music: Louise Chernosky and Rev. Craig

April 12, 2020

A Time for Passover and Easter                     Rev. Craig Rubano & Michelle McKenzie-Creech

Continuing our monthly congregational theme of Liberation, join us for a multigenerational service celebrating Passover and Easter, complete with a virtual Easter egg hunt! Click here to view the Service.

Music: Louise & Dan Chernosky, piano & trumpet; Just Folk’s David & Sarah Fischell, guitar & vocals.

April 5, 2020

Moving Toward Freedom                                 Rev. Craig Rubano

On this Palm Sunday, and as we prepare to begin the celebration of Passover later in the week, we enter into consideration of our monthly theme of liberation. Come, siblings in spirit, let us renew our call to build a land of justice and peace. Click here to view the service.

Music: Louise with special guests, and Rev. Craig

March 29, 2020

Another Day in the Neighborhood                Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

Something is happening that seemed impossible a few weeks ago. Because we are forced to stay at home more, we are meeting our neighbors. Folks are helping each other and slowing down enough to check-in, even with some physical distance. While losing so much of what we used to believe was essential, something else has been found. Click here to view the service.

Music: Louise Chernosky and Joel Dewitt

March 22, 2020

Roots to Branches                                               Rev. Craig Rubano

As our UUCMC In Focus campaign shifts from “Transforming Ourselves” to “Transforming the World,” this week, we learn about interdependence from the hidden life of trees. Click here to view the service.

Music: Louise Chernosky, For UU Ukuleles, The Sunada Family

March 15, 2020

Going Deeper                                                         Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

Our journeys do twist and turn in surprising ways. Looking back, what tools do you wish you had to get everything you could out of the adventure of your life so far? Looking forward, what do you need to go even deeper? Let’s stay open and keep on learning together. Click here to view the service.

Music: Louise Chernosky