Delegates at the 2016 General Assembly in Columbus, OH, selected “The Corruption of Our Democracy” to be the 2016-2020 Congregational Study/Action Issue (CSAI) of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) of Congregations. For more information, see the UUA website.

Our congregation’s Corruption of Democracy task force is headed by our Social Justice Committee Chairperson, Tony Giordano. They try to meet monthly. Read our weekly eblast (click HERE to sign up) or check out our calendar to see when they’re meeting next.

In January, 2017, UUCMC signed the UUA Declaration of Conscience as a commitment to justice in a changing world. You can read the 2017 press release about it.

Then see what that campaign became: Love Resists. They are “activating people of faith and conscience to resist the harm inflicted by criminalization” and “creating safer, more just, welcoming and sustainable communities.”