Adult Religious Education Committee

Mission:  To assess the needs and interests of the congregation for enrichment programs and fellowship groups. They work with congregational groups to develop high quality programming and identify participants who are willing to share their expertise by presenting or facilitating programs. This committee provides a forum for evaluating proposed programs to ensure they are consistent with UU principles and that skilled facilitators are available.

Meetings: Once a month.

Get involved:

  • Lead a program.
  • Join the committee.
  • Help with a special event.

Music Committee

Mission:  To provide a variety of high quality music at our worship services and foster musical community by encouraging participation by members of all ages.

Meeting: We meet once a month at the meetinghouse, and members can use Skype to participate.

Get involved:

  • Join the UU Singers.
  • Participate in the pick-up band.
  • Join Roots & Wings drum choir.
  • Sing with the Chalice Choir (children).
  • Consult Music Director Louise Chernosky about solo or small group performance.
  • Visit a committee meeting.
  • Speak to a member of the Music Committee.
  • Watch the newsletter/eblast for single Sunday ad hoc ensembles such as our Intergenerational Choir.

Building Committee

Mission: Coordinate maintenance and upkeep of our buildings.

Meeting: As needed.

Get involved:

  • Organized tasks ranging from a short time commitment to tasks which are ongoing.
  • Volunteers are invited to help keep our Meetinghouse attractive and functional.
  • Suggestions for long range planning are also welcome.

Community Life Committee

Mission: Promote fellowship among congregants, friends and visitors.

Meetings: As needed basis typically 4 times a year.

Get involved:
Assist with setup, cleanup, or serving during:

  • coffee hour.
  • special events, picnics and pot lucks.
  • memorial services.
  • fundraising events.

Religious Education Committee

The Religious Education Committee is responsible for the overall operation of our Sunday School and Youth Programming. They meet monthly to review and evaluate our programs. Contact Michelle McKenzie-Creech, our Director of Religious Education to learn more.

Get involved:

  • Teach a class.
  • Advise a youth group.
  • Help in our nursery.
  • Support a special event.
  • Join the RE Committee.

Caring Connection Committee

Mission: Provide caring connections for members and friends of UUCMC when facing challenging obstacles or special needs.

Meetings:  Twice a year in the fall and late winter to bring Area Captains together to clarify and measure goals for the year and provide a forum for answering questions and receiving training around complex issues such as visiting the ill, dealing with hospice, etc.

Get involved:
  • Providing transportation to UU services or other events when usual transportation methods are not feasible.
  • Providing meals for those unable due to illness or injury to either prepare meals or visit grocery stores to get food.
  • Calling on the phone to talk with ill, bereaved, or lonely members to support them and provide conversation to uncover needs our UUCMC community or other resources might fulfill.
  • Visiting members, either at their home or in hospital, rehab, or other medical facilities, to provide support during times of duress and using such visits to uncover other needs that Caring Committee or other resources might serve to fulfill.
  • Sending cards to members who are ill, bereaved, lonely, or experiencing challenging times to let them know they are thought of and supported.
  • Assisting with using technology and computers or smart phones, such as accessing email, searching on the internet, etc.
  • Helping congregants problem-solve around ongoing issues such as transportation or other long-term needs that might be met through community services or other means outside of UUCMC.

Grounds Committee

Mission: Maintain the exterior grounds at UUCMC to reflect the vibrant community within the building.

Meetings: As needed.

Get involved: By assisting with any of the tasks below:

  • Renewal of contracts for snow removal and lawn service each year.
  • Maintenance of the timers for outside lighting.
  • Maintenance of parking and sign lights.
  • Maintenance of septic tank.
  • Landscaping duties such as weeding, deadheading of flowers, pruning bushes and trees, planting new flowers and bushes as well as watering front garden.
  • Setting dates and recruiting congregant members to assist with Spring mulching and clean up and Fall leaf clean up.

Membership Committee

Mission: Welcome visitors, friends and members to our beloved community, regardless of how long they have been coming to UUCMC.

Meetings:  Once a month

Get involved:

  • Become a Sunday morning greeter.
  • Join the committee, and help support the Membership Coordinator.
  • Maintain accurate lists of memberships, friends, and visitors.
  • Provide ideas for making this place even more hospitable.

Program Committee

Mission: Provide assistance to our minister in the setting up of Worship Services, to arrange and coordinate services led by guest ministers and presenters; and to strive to add interest and enrichment to our services.

Meetings: Once a month at the meetinghouse.

Get involved:

  • Speak with our Minister or Program Committee members.
  • Attend a Program Committee Meeting.
  • Become an Usher.
  • Become familiar with the Aesthetics Sub-Committee.
  • Volunteer to be trained as a Sound Coordinator.
  • Use your creativity.
  • Attend any worship training sessions given by our Minister.

Public Information Committee

Mission:  Communicate to the general public UUCMC programs, activities and beliefs via press releases, news stories, the UUCMC website, social media, speaking opportunities, and advertising.

Meetings: Once a month.

Get involved:

  • Assist with exploring news media outlets for article publications.
  • Assist with social media content creation.
  • Assist with written articles for public release.
  • Assist with photography to showcase who we are through captivating pictures.
  • Explore community events to set up a table with UUCMC information.

Aesthetics Committee

Mission: Organize and install periodic art shows, seasonal and special occasion displays in the Meetinghouse.

Meeting: First Tuesday of every other month.

Get involved:

  • Assist and organize art work or special occasion pieces for our meetinghouse.
  • Explore options for possible artwork displays.

Finance Committee

Mission:  To promote congregational generosity and prudent financial stewardship.

Meetings: Event-driven and on an as-needed basis.

Get involved:

  • Listen for what the congregation values
  • Communicate to the congregation how those collective values impact us financially.

Dialog Conveners Committee

Mission: To provide, indeed embrace, a forum for intellectual pursuit and rational thought as integral to our spiritual journeys  at UUCMC, in addition to other regular Sunday programs.  We present a program each Sunday from 9-10 am.

Meetings: Monthly, usually Sundays.

Get involved:

  • Invite guest speakers of all ages from within and outside our congregation who do interesting things to speak on a topic of choice.
  • Host, greet, introduce speakers when they arrive.
  • Become a guest speaker yourself.

Denomination Affairs Committee

Chair serves as a liaison between our congregation and the Central East Region (CER) and the national Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA).  The chair supports the access and use of the resources available from those organizations and promotes programs and conferences conducted by those organizations e.g., Standing on the Side of Love and district meetings and the national UU General Assembly.