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Ongoing Offerings

Upcoming Events

UU Buddhist Meditation
Earth Sangha

Come, come, whoever you are to the Earth Room to find our center, to find our moments of peaceful abiding, to face our own suffering. Every Thursday from 5-6:30 in the East Room or Earth Room. This is a Zen Buddhist sitting group, the only goal of which is to sit with ourselves together. All are teachers, all are students… bowing to our inherent complexity and love. Click here to visit our website. You can contact Elaine Held there.

Nineteenth Annual Shanti (Peace) Program

Monmouth Center for World Religions and Ethical Thought (MCWRET)

Saturday October 6th, 3pm

Learn about a dialogue experience between progressives in rural Massachusetts and conservative voters in Eastern Kentucky coal country started in 2017. A member of Hands Across the Hills shares what they learned and gives inspiration for others who want to have conversation and cultural exchange. Refreshments and the opportunity for further discussion will follow the presentation.

Reflect on Indigenous People’s Day on Saturday, October 13th, 10:30am in the Community Room. During the first half, we will view an excerpt from the acclaimed movie 500 Nations with Kevin Costner. In the second half, we will share short readings celebrating Indigenous People. Liz deBeer and Adult RE will lead.

Tai Chi for Beginners

Mondays, 6:30 pm, Community Room.  $5 donation. Contact: Dan Ciaglia.

Lincroft Zen Sangha

Wednesday evenings at 7pm in the Earth Room. Beginning instruction is offered at 6:30 pm before service and sitting begin. Please email us to let us know of your first visit. Visit “first visit” tab on website for more information.

Boris Berman Recital

Sunday, October 14th, 4pm

Boris Berman, Head of the Piano Department at the Yale School of Music, a Russian-born pianist of international reputation, will play a full piano recital for us, featuring the late sonatas of Haydn and Prokofiev. Samples of Mr. Berman’s wonderful playing, lectures, and reviews, may be found on his website (click here).

Endowed by the Shore Music Educators Association, the Cecilian Music Club, and the Golden Key Festival, Mr. Berman’s recital will be hosted by the UUCMC. Entrance fees (at the door only) for this once-in-a lifetime event will be family-friendly: Adults $15, Seniors $10, and Students $5. All proceeds will benefit UUCMC.

Earth Room Concerts

Peter Mulvey

Saturday, October 13th, 7:30pm

Peter Mulvey is a veteran singer and songwriter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He began his career on the streets of Dublin, Ireland, as a busker, and from there moved on to performing in the subways and streets of Boston, Massachusetts. Mulvey is an iconoclast within the singer/songwriter world. Restless and inventive, he has made seventeen records, spanning rock and roll, folk, Jazz, spoken word, and Americana.

Click here for tickets & more information.  Tickets are also available at coffee hour after service on Sundays. Order ahead: save $5!

Common Read

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Discussion November 17th, 10am