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June 13th

Click here to view the Service.

Blessings and Flowers: Our Annual Flower Communion Multigenerational Service                      Rev. Craig, Rev. Virginia, and Michelle

If you could share your best blessing with another congregant, what would it say or look like? Now more than ever, we need one another’s blessings. As we say our final farewell to Rev. Virginia in her last Sunday Service, she asks you to give away your most precious blessing to one another.

Music by Elaine Held, Joel DeWitt, David Fischell, Edna Larsen, UU Singers Virtual Choir, Core of Fire, and Louise Chernosky.

Services Available to Watch on YouTube:

June 6th

First and Last Words                                          Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst 

Today we celebrate our graduating High Schoolers as they bridge into adulthood. In these years together, what have we said, and what have we left unsaid? There are a few things you need to know! Click here to view the Service.

Music by Just Folk, Louise and Dan Chernosky, and Thomas Cannizzaro.

May 30th

Everyone is Here to Teach Us Something      Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst & Rev. Craig Rubano 

We are all students and all teachers even if we do not always acknowledge it. Today we will share some lessons we have learned from you, from one another, and from ministers and congregants of the past. This service will include a welcome to our newest members. Click here to view the recording of the LIVE Service.

Music by Helen Kho, Elaine Held, Kirsten Norberg, Karen Christiana, and Rev. Craig.

May 23rd

Faith Through Crisis: Coming of Age           Coming of Age Group & Michelle McKenzie-Creech 

What has it been like to be a teenager during a historic pandemic? Time spent quarantining this last year has meant many teens have missed the milestones that ordinarily mark coming of age.

Our 8th and 9th grade youth will reflect on how they are coping in real time and with the crisis likely to shape their generation for decades to come. To commemorate this Coming of Age service unlike any other, the youth invite you to attend this live Zoom service in your best shirt and most comfortable pajama pants or your robe. Click here to view the recording of the live service.

Music by Louise Chernosky and Eva Merhi.

May 16th

Emergent Strategies                                            Rev. Craig Rubano 

How do we reach the futures about which we dream in a world in constant flux? Pioneered in part by social justice facilitator and healer adrienne marie brown, the concept of emergence examines how “complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions.” What we practice at a small scale is essentially connected to the universal level.

We examine how transforming ourselves is, indeed, the beginning of transforming the world. Click here to view the Service.

Music by Louise Chernosky, Skip Leib, Karen Christiana, Liz Tortorella, Jennifer Thomas, UU Singers.

May 9th

The Story Goes On: A Multigenerational Mother’s Day Service
Rev. Craig Rubano and Michelle McKenzie-Creech

Who mothered you in the story of how you arrived at this beloved place? Whose stories are you “mothering” along? Passed from one generation to another, from one person to another, our stories go on. This service will include a tribute to those who mothered our journeys. Click here to view the Service.

Music by Rev. Craig, Jennifer Thomas, Maya Kimmel, and Louise Chernosky.

May 2nd

Acting Your Age                                                    Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

An insult lobbed on the playground used to go, “Act your age, not your shoe size!” That was long before the years accrued in multiples of your shoe size. What does acting your age mean now? I have some observations to share! Click here to view the Service.

Music by PJ Casbar and Louise Chernosky.

April 25th

How Putting Forward Matters: Activism and Earth Day         Doris Marlin

Ms. Marlin will share social justice stories of success and failures, which later became successful in unexpected ways. How will your dedicated effort make a difference, and why to put it forward? Click here to view the Service.

Music by Louise and Dan Chernosky.

Doris Marlin is a member at All Souls UU in Washington, DC whose academic background is Water Resources Management, applied during 35 years of federal service. She supports communities as they Strengthen and Accelerate their Local Climate Commitments – a UU campaign inspired by the United Nations Climate Talks in Paris, Morocco, and Poland as a civil society observer. Doris is a member of UU Ministry for Earth Board, UUA Green Sanctuary Advisory Board, and UUSJ Advocacy Corps.

April 18th

UUA Common Read: Breathe: A Letter to My Sons
Rev. Craig Rubano and Common Read Participants

In her recent book, Breathe, Imani Perry asks, “How do you become in a world bent on you not being and not becoming?” This Sunday, we join in reading with UUs across the world, sharing our reflections on fear, resilience, and becoming. Click here to view the Service.

Music by Louise Chernosky, UU Virtual Singers, Elaine Held, Rev. Craig.

April 11th

Anne Frank – A Timeless Example                Tim Geiselman

There are many accounts of extraordinary people enduring hardships, but the Anne Frank story has a particular resonance. In this service we will look to explore the question as to why. Why is her story universal? Why does it cut across people and places? What does it tell us about who we are and what we can be? Click here to view the Service.

A member of UUCMC since 2016, Tim has an interest in Holocaust studies from a historical angle – how did it come about and how have we changed in the aftermath? He lives in Middletown with his wife, Rosane, who is also a UUCMC member, and his son Lucas.

Music by Elaine Held and Kirsten Norberg.

April 4th

Mixed Feelings: A Multigenerational Easter Service
Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst and Michelle McKenzie-Creech

The Easter story holds the human experiences of grief and grace in high tension. Today we will consider what that Easter journey toward relief and release can teach us. You are invited to share this service with the young and old people in your life as part of your own multigenerational Easter celebration. Click here to view the Service.

The service includes a “virtual egg hunt.” Can you find all of the eggs hidden in this multigenerational service?  

Music by Louise and Dan Chernosky, Elaine Held, and the Sunada Family (Betsy, Craig & Kristina).

March 28th

Freedom is Not Free                                            Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

The Passover story is a reminder that the struggle for freedom is ancient and ongoing. Today we will consider that story in light of our commitments to freedom for all in our time. Click here to view the Service.

Music by Jan Dash, Dan and Louise Chernosky, Sarah and David Fischell.

March 21st

UU Connections Make Community               Rev. Craig Rubano & Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

Join us for a special multigenerational kick-off to our Stewardship Campaign. Together, we move boldly into the 2021–22 congregational year, one of transition and renewal. Together, we will rediscover that UU Connections Make Community. Click here to view the recording of the live Service.

Music by Paul Vallin, Louise Chernosky, Steve Cook.

March 14th

Making and Breaking Commitments to Ourselves      Michelle McKenzie-Creech

For most of us, keeping the commitments we make to others is a non-issue. To live a healthy, joy-filled, and self-differentiated life, we have to be dedicated to the commitments we make to ourselves and hold ourselves to them. Click here to view the Service.

Music by Louise and Dan Chernosky.

March 7th

Thinking Again                                                      Rev. Craig Rubano

One of the hardest things to do as humans is rethinking, exercising an ability to unlearn. And yet, in order to escape the weight of our underlying assumption, we must question ourselves, difficult though it may be. This morning, we’ll explore what committing to think again requires. Click here to view the Service.

Music by Lynn Dash, Jan Dash, and Rev. Craig.

February 28th

Who Belongs Here?                                              Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

We all need to feel we belong somewhere, but generating such feelings in ourselves and allowing them to blossom in others is complicated. Today’s service will examine the Beloved Community through the lens of our belonging. Click here to view the Service.

Music by Helen Kho, Jennifer Thomas, Karen Christiana, Louise and Dan Chernosky.

February 21st

I Cannot Tell A Lie                                                Rev. Craig Rubano

During this time of February when we celebrate Presidents, Rev. Craig uses our collective (mis)understandings of George Washington to probe “truth”: Is there a difference between something that is “true” and something that is “verifiable?” When is it important to probe behind the curtain of received “truth?” Test your G. W. knowledge! And, here’s a question: When was the last time you thought it would be a great idea to take an ax and chop down a fruit tree? Click here to view the Service.

Music by Jennifer Thomas, Kirsten Norberg, Elaine Held, and Louise Chernosky.

February 14th

Love and Trouble: The Continuing Adventures of You and Me
Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst, Rev. Craig Rubano, Michelle McKenzie-Creech

On this Valentine’s Day, we gather to reflect on what it means, to recall Alice Walker’s words, to be “in love and trouble.” Bring the whole family to your screens for this multigenerational celebration. Click here to watch the recording of the LIVE Service.

Music by Louise Chernosky and Rev. Craig Rubano.

February 7th

Myra Zinke Service: The Space Between                 Rev. Andrée Mol

Names and categories create distinctions which we use to navigate our world. But what happens when society’s standard labels don’t fit our identity—black, white, gay, straight, male, female? We are more than just a label. Yet, it takes courage to live outside categorical norms. Rev. Andrée Mol explores stories of trans and gender non-confirming individuals who risk living into their full humanity, and ways we can collectively affirm those lives with our love. Click here to view the Service.

This service is funded by a bequest from Dr. Myra Zinke who hoped to promote gender equality with her generosity.

Rev. Andrée Mol (pronouns: they/them/theirs) serves as the minister at Central Unitarian Church in Paramus, NJ. Andrée is an active member of TRUUsT (an organization of UU trans religious professionals), which views the work for liberation as intimately tied to all efforts to dismantle oppression within Unitarian Universalism and our wider world. Through Andrée’s varied experiences in filmmaking, leadership development, and ministry, they are committed to
collectively exploring the role of transformative stories and dialogue in our spiritual lives. They are also the proud parent of two young children and two cats.

Music by UU Singers Altos and Friends, Dan and Louise Chernosky.

January 31st

Imagining Ourselves into Community                      Rev. Craig Rubano

What does it take to become the world about which we dream? Rounding out an inspirational month in our lives, we take some time to celebrate our progress, and to step boldly down new paths of mutually accountable community. Click here to view the Service.

Music by Elaine Held, Thomas Cannizzaro, Kirsten Norberg, Richard Sachs, and Rev. Craig.

January 24th

What Is Religion For?                                                     Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

Many UUs look worriedly at me when they sing, with extra feeling, John Lennon’s song “Imagine.” We love to sing, “Imagine…no religion too….” As a minister to a congregation that is sometimes ambivalent about religion I feel I must explain what we are doing here, again. I promise it will be fun, and based on my own observations of you. Click here to view the Service.

Music by Jan Dash, Louise Chernosky, and Thomas Cannizzaro.

January 17th

Service is Our Prayer: MLK Sunday              Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst and Rev. Craig Rubano

In honor of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Americans observe “a day on, not a day off.” MLK Day is the only federal holiday designated as a national day of service to encourage all Americans to volunteer to improve their communities. Today, we’ll reflect on how and why we will be of service in the midst of the extraordinary turmoil and divisions our nation faces. Click here to view the recording of the live Service.

Music by Louise and Dan Chernosky.

January 10th

How strong is our faith with and without the 8th Principle?
Paula Cole Jones and the 8th Principle Task Force

Perhaps the strength of Unitarian Universalism can be measured in the true transformative power of our Principles. It is the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism that bring us together.

Momentum is growing around the country for the inclusion of an 8th Principle: It states: We, covenant to affirm and promote: journeying toward spiritual wholeness by building a diverse multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.

Covenants can change a culture. They hold the potential to transform relationships, communities and institutions. The 8th Principal is our proposal to be in covenant with the Beloved Community. You are invited to join Paula Cole Jones to explore why we need an 8th Principle and why now? Click here to view the Service.

Paula Cole Jones is a life-long Unitarian Universalist and a Management Consultant with over twenty years of experience in designing and facilitating workshops and dialogues for leaders and organizations. She is an innovator of institutional change. In 1999, Paula founded ADORE, A Dialogue on Race & Ethnicity. She has conducted hundreds of group discussions and workshops across the country for faith organizations, community groups and government agencies. Paula Cole Jones is the author of a UU World Magazine cover story, Reconciliation as a Spiritual Discipline and she is the editor of a Skinner House book, Encounters: Poems about Race, Ethnicity and Identity.

Music by Louise Chernosky.

January 3rd

Imagine: Three Drawings                                   Dr. Carol Penn and Core of Fire

This is a fun filled inspirational service with something for everyone. Using our imagination is the centerpiece as participants will be guided in the use of visual guided imagery to use their imagination to create a hopeful and optimistic future. Everyone will need to bring three pieces of paper and/or a journal and markers and/or crayons. Click here to view the YouTube Service.

Music by Louise Chernosky, Core of Fire, and Kendra Kehde.

December 27th 

The Fabulous Fezziwigs

A joyous and rousing caroling event featuring four fine professional singers from NYC. From their glorious high notes, to booming bass notes, to artistic arrangements of old favorites, to thoughtful insights on the carols, lots of bantering and laughter so very appreciated at this eventful holiday time…all arrayed in Victorian holiday garb…The Fabulous Fezziwigs will bring a contagious joy for an admiring and muted audience! They will crown your holiday season!! For an introduction to them CLICK HERE. Noël and good cheer! Please note this service was not recorded for YouTube. Please do check out the Fabulous Fezziwigs!

December 24th Christmas Eve

A Multigenerational Christmas Eve               Rev. Virginia, Rev. Craig, and Michelle

One multigenerational YouTube service featuring pageantry, lessons, and carols. In the Unitarian Universalist tradition, we believe that every child is the hope of this world. Click here to view the YouTube service.

Music by Jan Dash, Elaine Held, Ruby and Louise Chernosky, Maya Kimmel, Craig Rubano, UU Singers and friends.

December 20th 

A Solstice Journey                                         Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst & Michelle McKenzie-Creech

Just as the Earth continues its journey around the sun, we too keep moving through this season of darkness and cold. Fire, candles, and the longest night are markers in a human journey toward wholeness. All ages are invited to share in this LIVE on Zoom ritual of the turning of the wheel of the year. Click here to watch the recorded service.

Music by Liz Tortorella, Louise and Dan Chernosky.

December 13th

Days that Count                                                     Rev. Craig Rubano

Midway through Advent and three days into Hanukkah, how can our monthly congregational theme of stillness enrich a season that can feel like a countdown clock, moving us from counting the days to experiencing days that count? Click here to view the Service.

Music by Louise and Dan Chernosky, Maggi Riordan.

December 6th

A Child’s View                                                        Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

How do children see the December holidays? So much enthusiasm and energy is hard to keep still. Can we older ones capture that wonder once again? Click here to view the Service.

Music by Jan Dash and family, Jennifer Thomas, Louise Chernosky.

November 29th

Healing                                                                    Rev. Elizabeth Congdon, guest minister

We experience healing all the time – in times of sorrow, anxiety, distress and stress; a job loss, loss of a friend, a love, a child, a relationship, a marriage, a home, a disappointment; an injury, an illness and surgery – organizational stresses, job stress and especially zoom fatigue. We will be talking about personal healing of many different varieties including some basic parameters. Click here to view the Service.

The Reverend Elizabeth B. Congdon is the retired Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Trenton. Prior to being called into ministry she did hospital nursing for 17 years and then for the State Department of Health for 25 years. She has been on mission trips to the Philippines, Haiti, Rwanda, Egypt, Lebanon, Malaysia, Thailand, the Navajo and Hopi nations in the American Southwest and the Republic of Georgia. Liz is currently the Co-President of the Monmouth Center for World Religions and Ethical Thought  and is on the steering committees for both MOSAIC, the teen interfaith education, leadership and community service project and the Civil Discourse project. She is the mother of four daughters and grandmother to one granddaughter and three grandsons.  She gets together with all of them on zoom, as we all try to get through this pandemic.

Music by Tom McCormack and Louise Chernosky.

November 22nd

Let Gratitude Heal You: A Multigenerational Service of Thanksgiving
Rev. Craig Rubano & Michelle McKenzie-Creech

On gratitude, the poet David Whyte writes, “being unappreciative might mean we are simply not paying attention.” In shifting our attention, in being present to everything that comes together each time we draw breath, we open ourselves to a gratitude that can heal us. Let us gather in an expressly intergenerational way and live, together, into our thankfulness. Click here to view the Service.

Music by Louise Chernosky, Virtual Uke Project, Elaine Held, Edna Larsen, Paul Vallin.

November 15th

Humor Might Help                                               Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

Do you know a really good joke or funny story, or has Covid stolen your sense of humor? We will share some good ones and reflect on the role humor has in our health and healing. Join me in bringing a bit of that lightness to our community today. Click here to view the Service.

Music by David Fischell and Louise Chernosky.

November 8th

Post Election Sunday: Now What!?                Rev. Craig Rubano & Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

There is no way to know what to expect on this post election Sunday as we write this mid-October. We do know that we all have taken responsibility for this democracy by voting and making our voices heard. We do know that we will gather together LIVE ON SUNDAY MORNING to make sense of the results. As always, we do know that this community will show up with love and commitment to our values whatever the day may bring. We’ll see you there! Click here to view the recording of the live service.

Music by Virtual UU Singers, Thomas Cannizzaro, Rev. Craig and Louise Chernosky.

November 1st

Adopting an “8th Principle” on the Road to Beloved Community
Rev. Craig Rubano & the 8th Principle Task Force

At the heart of what Unitarian Universalists believe about our interactions with our world and one another are the, so far, 7 Principles. At this critical moment, however, there is an uprising of support across our faith movement to bring a new commitment and accountability to dismantling the systems of oppression that have harmed historically marginalized persons. Congregational adoption of an “8th Principle,” which would bring a new level of dedication to our anti-racist work in order to give teeth to our Principled intentions, embodies this move toward creating Beloved Community. Click here to view the service.

Music by Music Director Emerita Elaine Held, Kirsten Norberg, Louise and Dan Chernosky.

October 25th

Remembering All Souls                                      Rev. Craig Rubano & Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

Join us in this annual service of recognition and remembrance of those who have died this year. We will meet live at 10:30am in Zoom for this interactive service of listening and of remembering those who have joined the ancestors. In the words of poet Birago Diop:

Those who have died have never, never left
The dead are not under the earth
They are in the rustling trees
They are in the groaning woods
They are in the crying grass
They are in the moaning rocks
The dead are not under the earth

Click here to watch the recording of the live service.

Music by UU Singers Virtual Choir, UUCMC Music Video “Remember Me,” Craig Rubano, and Louise Chernosky.

October 18th

The Unheard                                                          Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

Whether we cannot not hear them or are just not listening for them, the unheard do have something to say. Our service today will focus on those who are silenced and those who remain silent, all vital witnesses to life, who deserve to be heard. Click here to watch the service.

Music by Craig Sunada, Liz Tortorella, and Louise Chernosky.

October 11th

Deep Listening at the Heart of Connection             Rev. Craig Rubano and Louise Chernosky

To American composer Pauline Oliveros, listening—if engaged in enough depth—is a full-bodied attending to oneself and to the surrounding world that is necessary before directed, socially-conscious action. This morning we will be inspired by Oliveros to stop, and truly hear, moving toward an openness of communication that builds community. Click here to watch the service.

Music by Rev. Craig Rubano and Louise Chernosky.

October 4th

250 Years of Universalist Heritage and its Meaning for Our Time                Rev. Justin Schroeder

This year, we are celebrating 250 years of Universalism in North America. The anniversary celebrates a sermon by Rev. John Murray, September 30, 1770, right here in NJ. Murray Grove Retreat & Renewal Center exists as a living memorial to the meeting between Murray and Thomas Potter, a local farmer, and the resulting sermon. Click here to watch the service.

Rev. Justin Schroeder, senior co-minister of the First Universalist Church of Minneapolis, will present a virtual worship service zoomed directly from Minneapolis to individuals and congregations across the continent.

September 27th

Awesome Days                                                      Rev. Craig Rubano

The holy days from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur on the Jewish calendar are known as the Days of Awe, a time when the human ability to make change is front and center as a spiritual strength. We have been learning over the past months that, sometimes, “coming together” in a common cause can happen even when we are physically separated from one another…this week, we will pause to take some lessons from our Jewish siblings in spirit on the power of renewal. Click here to view the service.

Music by Jan Dash, Liz Tortorella, Paul Sherman, Rev. Craig, Louise and Dan Chernosky.

September 20th

The Fix: On Breaking and Mending               Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

With some fresh experience in the realm of accidents and brokenness (this summer’s bicycle accident and broken bones), I will reflect on the meaning of fixing, healing, and mending, and all we can and cannot do to make it so. Check here to view the service.

Music by Jennifer Thomas, Louise and Dan Chernosky.

September 13th

Ingathering Sunday: In Search of Good News        Revs. Craig and Virginia; Michelle, and Louise

Welcome back to an UUCMC Ingathering unlike any other we have known! In this multigenerational service, we will celebrate the good news to be found in this strange time and place. We look forward to seeing you online and Sunday afternoon at our annual Ingathering picnic at Thompson Park with masks and social distancing. Seeing you there will be the good news we need! Click here to view the service.

Music by UU Singers, Thomas and Aengus Cannizzaro, Skip Leib, Louise and Dan Chernosky, Bob Shumway.

September 6th

This Finite Earth                                                  Jim Scott, UU singer/songwriter                             

We are pleased that Jim Scott will present a full service of music and musings. His extensive experience and UU tradition are sure to contribute to a meaningful service. Don’t miss it! Click here to view the service.

“For more than three decades, Jim Scott has made it his business to create and perform music that celebrates the earth.”  Find out more here:

August 30th

Plant Love                                     Eileen Ellis, MSW, Native American Healing, LLC, guest speaker

Spiritual guidance, Divine inspiration and amazing synchronicities always seem to find their way to me when I need it the most. It is truly one of the greatest gifts of paying attention with an open heart. I invite you to join in my 2020 summer lesson to plant love around you. Click here to view the service.

Eileen Ellis is a full-blooded Mohawk Native American with ancestral healing roots with a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Rutgers University. She is a retired NJ public school administrator with 25+ years of educational experience, and since 2006 has been a practicing shaman and spiritual/energy consultant, teaching and facilitating classes in meditation (breathing, mindfulness, guided imagery, shamanic journeying) as well as varied topics in energy healing.

Music by Helen Kho, Dan and Louise Chernosky.

August 23rd

Suppose is a Beautiful Word                       Rev. Kim Wildszewski, guest minister

In this season of unrelenting endings, what might come to be born? Suppose is a beautiful, co-creative, word. Click here to view the service.

Since 2014, Rev. Kim has served as the settled minister at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Washington Crossing. A lifelong UU from eastern Long Island, Kim holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and Religion from Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania, and a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary in New York City. Before serving UUCWC, Kim was the Minister of Congregational Life at Beacon UU Congregation in Summit, NJ. Kim and her wife, Tara, live in Titusville, NJ. Their son Tobias was born in 2015. Their son Malcolm, born in 2018, died in 2020.

Music by Louise Chernosky, Thomas Cannizzaro, Sarah and David Fischell.

August 16th

In Search of Oneness                                     Sarbmeet Kanwal

The breadth and depth of the world-views from which we live our lives has not kept pace with the technologies that make it easier to magnify our differences. This has brought our nation to the brink of an existential crisis. What will it take to bolster the feeling of oneness, so crucial for the further advancement of our species? Click here to view the service.

Sarbmeet Kanwal teaches astronomy and physics at Brookdale Community College. He speaks frequently to the public on topics related to science and spirituality including a TEDx talk in 2019. He is a strong contributor to interfaith activities in Monmouth County and cofounded an award winning youth leadership program called MOSAIC.

Music by Louise Chernosky, Jan and Lynn Dash.

August 9th

In This Together                                                 Rev. Craig Rubano & Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

We are fairly new to co-ministry here in Monmouth County.  As two very different ministers sharing one position, we have learned a few lessons about partnership—its beauty, fragility, power, and pitfalls. One thing is clear—partnership matters. What does a broader partnership mean to Unitarian Universalists these days? Does our theology really encourage collaboration? Can we survive without it? Click here to view the service.

August 2nd

Liberating Lost Souls: Tending a Local Wound of White Supremacy
Rev. Karen Johnston, guest minister

In 1818, a corrupt Middlesex County judge sold 150+ African Americans into permanent slavery in the Deep South when they should have been free in New Jersey. A history that was whitewashed and largely forgotten. No more. As our nation grapples with the ongoing presence of white supremacy, as well as which monuments to tear down, and which to build up, let us pledge to liberate the Lost Souls and to re-member them home. Click here to view the service.

Rev. Karen G. Johnston is the settled minister at our sibling congregation in East Brunswick. Ordained into the Unitarian Universalist ministry in 2016, she was a clinical social worker for twenty years prior to becoming a minister. She identifies as white, bisexual, middle class, and cisgender and hopes that we can dismantle white supremacy. A Buddhist meditation practice sustains her, especially when she sustains it.

July 26th

Nourishing Music and Poetry                         Elaine Held, Jan Dash, and Joel Dewitt

A special service of soul-filled words and music, with Joel DeWitt, violin; Jan dash, piano and voice; and Elaine Held, piano.  The poems are graciously read by members of the Music Committee. Click here to view the service.

July 19th

We welcome Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, sharing one of their virtual services with us this week.

Keeping Vigil                                                         Rev. Alison Miller

This spring and summer have been filled with marches, protests, teach-ins, and vigils as we bear witness to racial disparities laid bare by police brutality and the pandemic. We must not allow ourselves to desire a return to normalcy, but instead to recommit our hearts and lives to fueling the revolution of love. Click here to watch the service.

“Morristown Unitarian Fellowship is a vibrant multi-generational liberal religious home that believes in walking alongside each other in our separate spiritual journeys while covenanting to create community and striving to make a more just world.”

July 12th

We welcome Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Summit, sharing one of their virtual services with us this week.

How to Light a Chalice                                     Rev. Dr. Robin Tanner and Rev. Emilie Boggis

Spiritual practice for Unitarian Universalists is often the experience of continuous revelation or evolution. Our spiritual practices have changed over these decades. What is the role today of spiritual practice as a UU? What sustains us? Click here to watch the service.

Our Mission is to be a radically inclusive religious community that feeds the human spirit and heals the world.

“We are committed to being a Beacon in our world by ministering to our members and friends, reaching out to those in need, partnering with allies and advocates for transformation and joining our voices and actions in the chorus of justice.”

July 5th

We welcome The Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair, sharing one of their services with us this week.

The Color of Law                                           Rev. Scott Sammler-Michael

This week’s service examines systemic racism. Many appeal to “The Rule of Law” in efforts to discourage people from protesting for their rights. But the Law has a bias, just like the human heart. Join Rev. Scott as we explore how racist tyrannies like the Confederacy, Nazi Germany, and Apartheid in South Africa all perverted the Law to legitimize hatred. Click here to watch the service.

“The Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair, now in its 118th year, enjoys a rich history of spiritual exploration and social justice activism. For us, it’s difficult to tell those elements apart because we find them to be two aspects of the same human, religious impulse. It’s much like breathing in and breathing out.”