Sunday worship service begins at 10:30 am in the Earth Room, our sanctuary. All are welcome!

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Upcoming Services:

October 20th

We All Have a Song                                              Rev. Craig Rubano

What is it about a song…the way it connects to the breath, to hope, to healing…the way it connects us to one another, to the Holy? My own path to ministry came through the power of song and, this morning, I’ll explore the special, prayerful qualities that song has to join people together across differences. We’ll welcome among us Heather Pierson—pianist; songwriter; performer; former musical director of The First Universalist Church of Norway, Maine; and co-creator of a collection of meditative Heart Songs and Circle Songs, from which we’ll dip for collective inspiration. As one of Heather’s pieces declares, “we all have a song.” What is your “song”?

Music by Heather Pierson and Craig Rubano.

October 27th

Which Witch Are You?                                        Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

Are witches good or bad, or even from Kansas? This All Hallow’s Eve let’s explore the nature of witchcraft. How and why has it come to be so misunderstood? Our young people will have their Annual Halloween Parade in the service. Everyone is invited to dress up – not just the kids!

Music by Sister Singers, Elaine Held, and Louise Chernosky.