Faith Development for Youth

Sunday Small Groups

Crossing Paths: 6th–7th grade (meets twice a month)

Crossing Path is a visit-based UU faith development curriculum that offers an abundance of experiential learning and a deep commitment to family-centered activities. Crossing Paths is built around interfaith engagement, but its focus is really on UU youth identity formation. We not only lift up the core pieces of other faiths, we also compare and contrast those faith’s beliefs and practices with those of our UU faith. By exploring those similarities and contrasts, youth are better grounded in their faith and clarify their own particular UU identity. 

The program aligns with our congregation’s monthly themes and has been adapted for online use. You may know this program by the name Neighboring Faiths.

Coming of Age (COA): 8th–9th grade (meets twice a month)

As youth leave childhood and enter their teen years, we honor this transition with the Coming of Age program. Coming of Age is an eight-month curriculum that helps teens to learn more about Unitarian Universalism and articulate their own beliefs. Our program is sensitive to culture, race, class, gender, and theological/philosophical diversity. 

The Coming of Age (COA) program will include project-based activities throughout the year that all conclude with a creative process of sharing their personal belief (credo statements) with the congregation during Sunday morning worship on May 23, 2021.

Friday Youth Group (meets twice a month)

Our Junior and Senior High School Youth Groups will meet online and focus on building a loving and supportive community with one another. Activities include social community building games, racial justice, and social justice programming.