Children’s Faith Development

Sundays (meets twice a month)

Soul Matters: Prekindergarten–5th grade

UUCMC appreciates the challenges of engaging with young children online and yet, we are here to support you and your young child in their faith formation throughout the week. Packets related to the congregation’s monthly theme will be sent out by mail, addressed to your child, to be used as guides for your young children throughout the week. The packets will include some of the “special supplies” the children will need for their project. We have two cohorts, Prekindergarten–1st grade and 2nd–5th grade. 

We’ll meet once via Zoom at the beginning of the month to introduce the theme and project-based activities. You’ll receive short weekly videos on the theme to keep the kids engaged and working on their projects. We’ll come back together at the end of the month for the kids to share their connection activity with the community. 

We understand that Zoom isn’t for everyone, so we will provide alternative ways for the kids to share with each other and us! Please be sure to register so your child receives the monthly packet and can participate in this program.

Families are encouraged to:

•    have their children participate regularly and on time,
•    to engage their children in conversation about weekly lessons,
•    consider ways they might help out,
•    put down roots in their religious community and
•    take an interest in the Family Ministry Soulful Home program.

Contact Michelle McKenzie-Creech, Director of Family Ministry for more information.