Path to Membership

If you are thinking about becoming a member of UUCMC these classes are for you.  Please know there is no requirement for membership–ever! Everyone is welcome to attend services and participate in activities.  We hold the classes three times a year as a series of four classes (in the Fall, Winter and Spring) for people who are interested in making a deeper commitment to UUCMC. We request that anyone interested in membership attend these classes in order to sign the membership book to join UUCMC as we encourage membership to be a thoughtful decision. Besides learning about Unitarian Universalism and UUCMC, you will get to meet other seekers, and begin to find friends in this beloved community.

If you would like to join and are unable to attend, or if you have come from another UU congregation, please speak to the Minister, the Membership Coordinator, or a member of the Membership Committee. Please register by signing up on the office door and indicate there if you will need childcare or by contacting the Membership Coordinator, Lisa Arcoleo.

Part I – Welcome

This overview of the history, traditions and practices of Unitarian Universalism begins with a chance to get to know others who are searching like you. There will be time to tell your story and ask questions.

I signed the book because I knew I belonged here in this safe place. I felt it in the heartbeat of the drums, the harmony of instruments and song, the shared wisdom, joys and sorrows. To me, UUCMC is like a “come as you are” party where all are encouraged to celebrate all of themselves.
We joined the congregation and signed the Membership Book because we simply believed that it was the perfect community for our family.

It is one of THE most accepting communities that we have ever experienced filled with warmth and empathy for all members.

Barb, Werner and Maddie Gruda
I signed the membership book because I wanted to belong to a spiritual community that would accept my family as we are- not as the organization wanted us to be. Here, at UUCMC, we can journey together but question things individually. It means being a part of a community that supports our individuality and liberal social values.
Liz deBeer
I joined uucmc to join a community of tolerant, educated, diverse people. I have not been disappointed.
Tom Brown

Part II – Grow

Are you UU? Overview of our symbols & rituals. What do you believe about the big questions about life and death, good and evil, God and humanity? In this session we will begin exploring UU theologies and practices and talking about what we each believe and why.

Stay Tuned for our Next Series.

Email Lisa Arcoleo with your questions.

Part III – Participate

What is your commitment to Unitarian Universalism all about? How would you explain Unitarian Universalism? What are the rights and responsibilities of membership in this congregation? What is a pledge and why do we need it? Click here to view a video about pledging.

Part IV – Serve

How can you get involved and how can you become a member? How can you grow, participate and serve at UUCMC?

Part V – Book Signing

You will have an opportunity to sign the book. Generally, we offer this opportunity in the last class of the series. If you are not available at that time to sign, an appointment can be made with Rev. Craig to sign the book.

Summer – Question and Answer Session

In the Summer, we schedule a Question and Answer session in August, where newcomers can meet with Rev. Craig, Michelle McKenzie-Creech (Director of Family Ministry) and Lisa Arcoleo (Membership Coordinator) to ask questions about Unitarian Universalism and/or our beloved community at UUCMC.