Rev. Virginia Jarocha Ernst

Integrity is telling myself the truth. Honesty is telling the truth to other people.  ~ Spencer Johnson

The headline shouted The Truth is on Trial! Indeed the news is full of instances when the facts are contested and stretched beyond recognition. So often it appears that belief and truth are deeply confused. Adding to the confusion are facts that can be manipulated to suit any agenda. What we do not like to hear is too easily labelled “fake.” What is claimed with great authority has the ring of truth no matter what the facts might actually say.

Still, proven facts do not really have alternatives because they are just facts. Belief, however, has numerous alternatives. Around here, we encourage a variety of beliefs, just as we respect science and fact. They are not mutually exclusive but we do need to know which is which to lead our lives with some integrity.

No wonder the truth is on trial! If there is a path through this thicket of mistrust, our own honesty and integrity might serve to lead the way.

  • What do you tell yourself about the story of your life? What is actual fact and what is your cherished belief?
  • What practice brings you to a place of more honesty with yourself in that narrative?
  • What calls you then to be fully honest with others?

These are questions to ponder in a month and a year when I hope that integrity grows in me and in us all. Welcome, 2020! We do need to see more clearly the truths of this time.

May it be an Honest & Happy New Year for all!

Rev. Virginia