Governor Murphy has issued an executive order making the July 7th primary a primarily vote-by-mail election. All registered Democrats and Republicans will automatically receive a postage-paid vote-by-mail ballot. All unaffiliated and inactive voters will automatically receive an application to vote by mail. In-person voting options will also be available. Details to follow.

The NJ Remembrance Coalition for Social Justice is pleased to announce that our proposal for Soil Collection and an Historical Marker for Samuel Johnson has been approved by the Equal Justice Initiative. We will now be working directly with EJI to educate the public and complete the project.

In 2008, UUCMC donated $200 to Kiva, a 501 non-profit organization that allows people to lend money via the Internet to low-income entrepreneurs throughout the world. This action facilitated 90 loans, 76 loans which were re-paid, in 38 countries.

Thank you to all the congregants who have helped out Fulfill, Lunch Break and Casa Freehold!

An informative video that tells you the most important aspects of New Jersey’s Green New Deal legislative efforts can be found on the 30 minute documentary “Part 1 of ‘Here’s the Story, the Green Amendment’“.

In these times our local food banks need all they help they can get. Please keep checking in on their needs. Here are two to check out: Fulfill and Lunch Break.

Help Increase Voter Turnout in Key States! Vote Forward gives you a simple, effective way to take action from home– writing to voters. Volunteers receive a PDF, then add a sentence or two about why voting is important. Letters are mailed on Oct. 27th, the optimal time to impact voters for the Nov. 3 election. Volunteers provide stamps and envelopes.

The #SayTheirNames Caravan Rally aims to pay respect to all those who have needlessly passed away in New Jersey state prisons due to government inaction and to pressure Gov. Murphy and the DOC to act before more people die. Sign up here to take part in the car caravan or to support it on social media. For more info/actions, check out the Salvation and Social Justice Facebook page.

The NJ legislature passed a critical bill to mandate that COVID-19 data broken down by race and other demographics be reported and released. This data is crucial to learning about what we know is the disproportionate impact on communities of color — and getting the necessary resources to address it.

Tell These NJ Officials to Release All Detainees & Incarcerated #FreeThemAll
ICE | Bergen County | Essex County | Hudson County | CoreCivic

There are many efforts to protect the most vulnerable in our communities during this pandemic.  Governor Murphy has released some people, but it is not enough. Please click on the following links to let those in power know how we feel:

Open Letter to Governor Murphy

Protect youth in New Jersey’s Youth Prisons from COVID-19

Release ICE detainees in NJ and NY

S864 was introduced to prohibit provision or sale of single-use plastic/paper carryout bags and polystyrene foam food service products; limit provision of single-use plastic straws; and appropriate moneys from the Clean Communities Program Fund for public education. Learn more about it here.

Ask your state senator to co-sponsor the bill (S864), and/or your assemblyperson to re-introduce an assembly bill addressing this issue.

Sign onto the People’s Brief demanding that abortion be kept safe, legal, and accessible.

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