Grow your connections to our beloved community at UUCMC!

Covenant Circles are groups of 8-10 people who meet once a month for 10 months. You can expect a diverse group of newcomers and longer time members and friends, young and older people in your group. Please contact Lisa Arcoleo with your questions, and/or to join a circle. ALL are welcome!

The purpose of a covenant circle is to create an intimate space for each participant to deepen their connections with each other and minister to one another. We do this by exploring together matters of ultimate worth via unifying monthly themes.

Monthly themes for this year include: vision, sanctuary, memory, mystery, possibility, trust, journey, curiosity, wholeness, beauty.

Each Covenant Circle will:

  • Meet together once a month from September to July (wrap up). Please do your best to attend regularly.
  • Do a service project of their choice together, either inside or outside of UUCMC.
  • Use a prepared session plan designed to explore your thoughts and feelings about our monthly themes.
  • A facilitator will lead the group experience and receive training and support from Rev. Virginia and the Covenant Circle organizers.
  • Members commit to keep confidentiality, to listen deeply to one another and to participate to the best of their ability.

2018-19 Session Plans

June               Beauty

May                Curiosity

April                Wholeness

March              Journey

February          Trust

January            Possibility

December        Mystery

November        Memory

October             Sanctuary

September        Vision

2017-18 Session Plans

June                    Blessing

May                     Creativity

April                    Emergence

March                  Balance

February             Perseverance

January                Intention

December           Hope

November           Abundance

October               Courage

September          Welcome