Sunday Morning Dialog

Join us at 8:45 am for coffee/tea and bagels. Dialogs begin at 9 am.

Our dialog series provides a forum for intellectual pursuit and rational thought as integral to our spiritual journeys at UUCMC. We welcome suggestions for speakers and topics. The series currently runs from October through May. Join us for the dialog and stay for service at 10:30. Find out more about the service here.

February 23rd

“PLASTICS – How Each of Us Can Cut Down on this Pollution”      Elaine Held

We all know that plastics are everywhere, indispensable … and indestructible. Can we cut down to save our oceans, waterways, and landfills? The dismal truth is … very little is actually recycled. Using Beth Terry’s book, Plastic Free, I’d like to share with you our journey as we try to at least cut down on use of plastics, especially single-use. I come loaded with ideas, lists, suggestions. And hands-on. Let’s share.

Elaine is musician, music director and long-time environmentalist. She and Rich started the UUCMC Community garden, were very active in the Green Sanctuary here, and worked to get the solar panels on the roof. Now they are actively working with their very large family to help them understand the plastic crisis. But they know this is a community effort!