Sunday Morning Dialog

Join us at 8:45 am for coffee/tea and bagels. Dialogs begin at 9 am.

Our Dialog series provides a forum for intellectual pursuit and rational thought as integral to our spiritual journeys at UUCMC. We welcome suggestions for speakers and topics. The series runs from September through May.

April 21st

“Your Garden’s Dirty Little Secrets”
Ann Sherwood, PhD

Plants have had us fooled into believing that they had no social life beyond the birds and the bees.  Humans are just beginning to understand the global society beneath our feet and the importance of this community to human health. Join us on a tour of the Garden Underground with stops at The Raw Food Café, a construction site, and a view of the Internet of Living Things.

Ann Sherwood is a Monmouth County Master Gardener and an ardent supporter of the Sunday Morning Dialog. Her emerging passions are soil microbiology, immigrant justice, Rainbow Coalition, and more.

April 28th

“The Most Important Thing We Can Do: Talk about Climate Change”
Sarah T. Fischell, Co-Leader of Lincroft Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby

The Yale Program on Climate Change Communications and climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe agree: one of the most important things we can do is to talk about climate change with our friends and family. It’s always good to start with a story. Join us to hear some climate change stories and to learn to tell your own story.

Sarah is a long-time member of our congregation. She co-chairs the local chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby/Citizens’ Climate Education with Lynn Dash. You can learn more at Follow Sarah on Twitter @estee_nj where she tries to focus on #ClimateHope, but some days it’s hard.