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January Theme: Possibility

From our Director of Family Ministry, Michelle McKenzie-Creech:

As we begin another year, I lift up the possibility in each and every one of you! Our first Unitarian Universalist principle, the inherent worth, and dignity of each person. Inside us is the possibility of anything. From the beginning of life until the end, each new day brings hope. What do you hope for in this new year? Have you imagined the possibilities?

Dream big, because “impossible possibilities” sometimes become possible! There was a time that I said same-sex marriage would not be legal in my lifetime. One of the few times I am glad to put on record, I was wrong. I could not have imagined that I would be able to carry an encyclopedia in my pocket. One of my favorite 80’s cartoons about a family living in the future, the Jetson’s actually set precedence for where technology was headed.

The work of Unitarian Universalism is often compared to a marathon, rather than a sprint. Our visions can be grand; our dreams far-reaching. If your/our hopes seem impossible or perhaps you have not even begun to imagine them, just remember that anything is possible. Each day is new; each of us with that possibility inside of us equal to the possibility of anything.

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