What are your dreams for this congregation? How can we touch and transform the world around us? It takes imagination and courage to be creators of more love and justice in such troubling times.

It is time to speak up and share your dreams with one another. We need to connect and engage in deeper conversations about our values in order to live them boldly. The many crises that we face require us all to be clear-thinking, emotionally mature and spiritually adaptive. Our shared purpose is to grow human community and potential. Week after week, we gather our courage and dare to dream of a better world here and now.


to confront injustice and transform ourselves and the world with our care.

This annual giving campaign is about more than just raising money. It is about raising up hope and courage in 2019 and beyond.

To make your financial commitment to UUCMC, please complete the 2019-2020 pledge form HERE or email Maggi in the office.

We Need to Hear from You!

Every Sunday in March, we will engage in deeper conversations about how we can live our values right now. Co-ministry affords us the opportunity to examine what we do and how we do it and look for new ways to affect change. Let’s talk! All we have is each other. Together, we will find our way.