A pandemic has given us a chance to re-focus on how we gather as beloved community, on broadening our views of love and justice, on enhancing our congregation as a sanctuary of hope and beauty, and on claiming anew our place in a human family that upholds respect and dignity for all. As we look to the future, the world is a different place, but UUCMC’s Mission still holds true and relevant.

In Focus: Creating Community

Being fed at all stages of our lives, playing and working together, embodying a multi-generational caring community, creating spaces to gather and tell our stories…

In Focus: Transforming Ourselves

Learning together, sharing our intimate and ultimate concerns, creating music and beauty, exploring meaning, challenging our perspectives with fresh ideas…

In Focus: Transforming the World

Sharing our values in the public sphere, touching the world where it hurts, enacting kindness, showing compassion and charity…

A tough national election cycle and an isolating disease press us to be a community focused on our congregational vision. Let’s bring our unique selves to the common table, pooling our efforts to equip our lives for abundance, wellness, self-care, spiritual practice, justice, and love.

Share your vision!

This year has turned into a situation we couldn’t have envisioned, but we still gather as community. Living out our values and equipping ourselves for the journey, we had to get creative and transform our gatherings. Together, we are still focusing on what makes UUCMC the place people seek out for worship and for action! Together, we’ll get UUCMC In Focus!

We still need you to make your financial commitment to UUCMC. Since you’re here, you can complete the 2020-2021 pledge form HERE, or you can email Maggi in the office. If you can increase your pledge (or need to decrease it), you can also click through to the form.

Help us focus our vision for the coming year by giving what you can. Thank you for seeing the good your pledge can do!