As UUCMC participates in social distancing by connecting remotely, we still need financial support. Our Mission of Creating Community, Transforming Ourselves, Transforming the World is as important now as ever. And to make that happen, we ask you to consider giving to our congregation.

  • You can find our Paypal link at the bottom of our website and on our YouTube channel.
  • You can text any amount to 844-973-1098 to send money to UUCMC.
    • If you just send a number, it will be a¬†general donation to our budget (ie, 2000).
    • To share it with the Share the Plate charity of the month, add StP (ie, 50 StP).
    • For current year Pledge Payments, add Pledge (ie, 1000 Pledge).

We also still need help with our pledge campaign for fiscal year 2021-22. We appreciate those who have pledged for this year, especially given the uncertainty of the pandemic and Rev. Virginia’s leaving. If you’re new or haven’t pledged yet. click through for more information and to make your Annual Pledge¬†online!

For those who have questions about pledging, check out this slideshow:

We also have the following to supplement our budget:

Various fundraisers, both passive and active
Planned Giving to our Endowment Fund
Share the Plate program

No matter how or how much you give, we thank you for your generosity!

Pledge Form