Rev. Craig Rubano

I am so excited to know that Rev. Virginia and I will continue on in co-ministry at UUCMC. Thanks to all who shared thoughts with the assessment team; your suggestions and insights will help us prepare to enter into another year of this vital ministry together. As we segued as best we knew how into online ministry, I have been so impressed by what is the evident connectivity and meaning that this congregational community shares. Sometimes it takes a disruption to create a context for appreciating what one has. It’s an honor to be among you and a part of you.

April includes some of the most important communal celebrations of liberation and new beginnings in the religious calendar—Passover, Holy Week—and I know that it will hit many of us particularly hard not to be able to be physically together with family during these times. My prayers are with all of us as we negotiate hard new realities, day by day. But I also know that I have found new forms of life, not only sprouting from the ground and the branches around me, but popping up all over my computer and phone. I have been in touch with friends and family members to whom I haven’t spoken, or with whom I haven’t been in contact, for years and years. I recommend going through your Contact lists and Facebook friend lists and phonebooks, and spending some time each day reaching out to someone. We may not be in the same kitchens or dining rooms or physical places of worship, but family can be stronger than ever if we reach out to one another, friendships can blossom anew if given a little push, and new freedoms to be oneself with integrity can emerge during this period of relative confinement.

I pray that it may be so for each of us this season.

Craig 🙂