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October: Healing: Find the question that speaks to you…

1. When was the last time you visited your “healing place”? When in pain, sometimes we need to be around people who love us. Other times we need to be surrounded by places we love.
2. Are you ready to let yourself be forgiven? Is it possible that you are the only one who thinks you don’t deserve healing?
3. Are you exhausted? Have you been running on empty for so long that you no longer notice? Is it time to notice? Is it time to rest and restore, and let yourself heal?
4. What one small step can you make today toward healing your broken heart? It won’t happen all at once. But it also won’t happen on its own.
5. Is taking on the care of the broken things of the world breaking you?
6. Are you ready to heal from your failure? (“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” – Denis Waitley)
7. What if talk of healing needs to wait? (“Let us not rush to the language of healing, before understanding the fullness of the injury and the depth of the wound.” – Dr. Yolanda Pierce)