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April:  Transformation

But now that so much is changing, isn’t it time for us to change?  Couldn’t we try to gradually develop and slowly take upon ourselves, little by little, our part in the great task of love?

Rainer Maria Rilke

Our survival adaptations are so tough, but our wounds are so delicate.  To heal, we have to lift the armor carefully – it saved our lives, after all.  It’s like moving your best friend off to the side of the path.  You don’t trample on her, you don’t hit her with a sledgehammer.  You honor her presence like a warm blanket that has kept you safe and sound during wintry times.

Jeff Brown, Love it Forward

Not everything that is faced can be changed.  But nothing can be changed until it is faced.

James Baldwin

If you see what needs to be repaired and how to repair it, then you have found a piece of the world that God has left for you to complete.  But if you only see what is wrong and what is ugly in the world, then it is you yourself that needs repair.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn

Spiritual transformation is a death as well as a birth.  The teachers who help us to grow know that it can’t happen without this pain.  They don’t save us from it—in fact, what they do usually intensifies it.

Rev. Amy Zucker Morgenstern

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