Community has become even more important in these challenging times.

As of Sunday, August 22, 2021 we began livestreaming the Service from the meetinghouse  on YouTube. We gather on Zoom following the service for an abbreviated Community Hour. It is easy and fun to join in, and ALL are welcome! You can get connection information by signing up for our email, or by contacting the office at

Our Sunday morning Service videos can be accessed at your convenience on our website Worship page or YouTube channel.

September 26, 2021         10:30am via YouTube

UUCMC Sunday Service Livestreamed from the Meetinghouse 

Emergent Possibilities                     Rev. Dr. Craig Rubano

Social justice facilitator adrienne maree brown urges us to notice the many relatively simple interactions in the natural world that give rise to complex systems, and to awaken to the harvest of adaptations available to us when we acknowledge our unity with that world. On this first Sunday of autumn, we delve further into our monthly theme of “embracing possibility.”

Music by Joseph and John DeMasi.

The weekly service link and community hour link are sent out via email each week. In addition, our weekly eblast that comes out on Thursday mornings has loads of information about UUCMC happenings. If you are not already on our email list, click the button in the footer to sign up. Our Facebook page (click here) is also updated as information unfolds.

We hope you will join us in community from the safety of your homes.

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Unitarian Universalism

Love radically. Serve gratefully. Wonder daily. Unitarian Universalism


To commit to creating a prophetic congregation today is to grapple with what it means to take responsibility for cocreating the holy right here on earth..

Rev. Meg Riley

I’m here to tell you – people are good. And they will overwhelm you with their willingness to make things better for others.

Rev. Joanna Crawford

Unitarian Universalism. Welcomes questions. Welcomes doubts. Welcomes you.


Unitarian Universalists are neither a chosen people nor a people whose choices are made for them by theological authorities – ancient or otherwise. We are a people who choose.

Rev. Forrest Church

We need not think alike to love alike.

Frances David

Our faith is not interested in saving your soul — we’re here to help you unfold the awesome soul you already have.

Andrea Lerner

At its best, Unitarian Universalism is a religion of people who covenant to treat one another well, care for the earth, and protect the beautiful tapestry of cultures and communities that make up the people of the world. Love is the core value from which we build.

Sunshine Jeremiah Wolfe

This is a place where you’re welcome, where you’re invited into a fuller relationship with yourself, with the spirit of life, with other people, to build a better world, and to build a better you.

Rev. Shana Lynngood

It isn’t love that makes the world go round
but compassion – starting over in gentleness
when love hasn’t been enough or other factors have failed:
a gentle refusal to blame oneself or others
and just begin again.

Rev. Nancy Shaffer

We are the love people.


Unitarian Universalists are mosaic makers. We are a ­people who bring together the broken pieces of our histories and the shining pieces of our seeking and, piece by piece, create a mosaic religion.

Rev. Marcus Hartlief