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December:  Hope 

Hope has to be seen to be believed. It has to be made visible. It has to be something we can feel and touch. We are called to be persons who embody hope for one another. We have to be each other’s partners in hope.

Paul Wadell, theologian

Despair is anger with no place to go. Hope is the feeling we have that the feeling we have is not permanent.

Mignon McLaughlin

Hope also has something to do with presence — not a future good outcome, but the immediate experience of being met, held in communion, by something intimately at hand.

Cynthia Bourgeault

The day widened, pulled from both ends by the shrinking dark, as if darkness itself were a pair of hands and daylight a skein between them, a flexible membrane, and the hands that had pressed together all winter — praying, paralyzed with foreboding — now flung wide open.

Annie Dillard

For comfortably situated people, hopelessness means cynicism and letting oneself off the hook.  If everything is doomed, then nothing is required.

Rebecca Solnit, The Case for Hope

Advent is a season that seeks to build a world fit for the arrival of a child.

Rev. Dwight Welch

Hope is the salve that keeps our broken hearts soft.

Ann Voskamp

Change and hope come from the margins.

Krista Tippet